hello there beautiful

I am engaged to my high-school sweetheart and proud mama of a tod-teen named Ava. I have binge watched One Tree Hill more times than I can count and could live off Starbucks coffee. I am a family oriented gal that spends 99.9% of my free time with our little family and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

A little background on how I started photography. It was straight out of high-school, around the time I got my senior photos taken. I remember that moment, senior picture time, I was so nervous. But my photographer made me feel so beautiful & loved that I had totally forgotten about how nervous I was. That day everything changed for me. I knew that if someone could make me, the insecure, self conscious high-school girl, feel beautiful, then I could do the same for someone else. I then knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to provide people with an experience that made them feel special and deliver images that took their breath away. I wanted everyone to know that they deserve to feel beautiful, because they are. I have now served dozens of couples & families, and would love to serve you!

i'm so glad YOU STOPPED BY

i'm Varonnica

one tree hill obsessed,
iced coffee addicted,
happily engaged & mom to one

my most



buying our first home 
in May of 2018

my most



splitting my pants at a 
wedding during the

my most



finding out I was pregnant
with my daughter Ava

why i love what i do

"These photos are such a blessing... Know the work you do impacts families for many generations. Because of you my kids will be able to see the way their parents looked at each other on their wedding day and the love that surrounded them. Thank you thank you thank you!"

That.. what you just read. This was a message I got from a bride, just SECONDS after sending her and her new hubby their wedding gallery. That right there is my why. While from the outside looking in, I just look like a girl with a camera. It is so much more than that. I truly believe I am changing lives & strengthening relationship. That is why my couples choose me. 

To love is nothing. To be loved is something.
But to love and be loved, that's

my tribe

Fiance, Josh

Daughter, Ava

My Whole Tribe